When you are shopping for a new vehicle, you might find yourself debating whether to get a sedan or an SUV. Figuring out which type of vehicle you prefer depends on a lot of factors. Here is what you will want to consider when choosing between getting an SUV and a sedan.

Advantages of SUVs

Interior Space

SUVs have more interior space than sedans, which is beneficial in many ways. Larger interiors can allow for more seats, more cargo, and more space for passengers.


Many SUVs are designed with off-roading in mind, giving them a degree of versatility that sedans usually lack. If you like to use your vehicle for camping trips, or you often have to drive in bad weather, an SUV might be a better option.


SUVs often have more powerful engines than sedans, which can both increase the enjoyability of your drive, and make the vehicle better suited for towing and tough jobs. Whether you enjoy driving a vehicle with a lot of torque, or you need a vehicle with a lot of horsepower, an SUV might be right for you.

Advantages of Sedans

Fuel Economy

Sedans tend to have better fuel economy than SUVs, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you want a fuel-efficient vehicle, you will generally find more options shopping for sedans.


Sedans are more maneuverable than SUVs, which gives them an inherent advantage when it comes to safety. Sedans are more likely to have suites of safety features than SUVs, although SUVs have closed the gap in recent years. It's also easier to secure valuables in the trunk of a sedan than in the back of an SUV.


Sedans tend to have more options for drivers on a budget than SUVs do. If you want to save money on a new vehicle, you will usually find more options shopping for sedans.

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Whether you end up going with a sedan or an SUV, you can find a vehicle you will love at St. Louis Acura. To find out more about our selection of exceptional sedans and SUVs, contact us today!

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