When purchasing a new vehicle, finding a luxury car is only half the battle. Choosing how to pay for the vehicle is the other half of the equation that some dread. That is why at St. Louis Acura, we eliminate the headache for those purchasing an Acura around Chesterfield. Many rely on us for all things Acura in St Louis, but many overlook our incredible finance team! Stop by and see us anytime or continue reading below to find out just how affordable a new Acura can be!

What Options Does St. Louis Acura near Webster Grove Provide When Purchasing a New Vehicle?

The two most popular options are financing and leasing your new purchase. While the two are similar, they do have a few key differences.


Financing a vehicle is pretty simple as you place a down payment and then pay a monthly payment for a set length. Then, the vehicle is yours to keep at the end of the term. This option is excellent for those who plan to keep their new vehicle for a long time and enjoy owning it.


While financing is great for some buyers, it doesn't fit the lifestyle of others. Leasing could make sense for you. A lease is similar to financing in that you will put down a down payment and then pay a monthly payment for a set amount of time. The down payment is typically much less, and the monthly payment is more affordable. However, at the end of the term, you do not own the vehicle. This option makes a lot of sense for someone who likes upgrading every few years or doesn't want to be stuck with a vehicle for a long time.

If you are near St Charles and have questions regarding which option is right for you, stop by and see us at St. Louis Acura for great rates and service in St. Louis!

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