Whether you drive a car or an SUV, there are many benefits to bringing your Acura to St. Louis Acura for an air filter change. Thanks to your vehicle's air filter, you can breathe fresh air because it traps the dust, pollen, pollutants, and other contaminants that accompany daily driving around Webster Grove.

It is best to change your air filter regularly to ensure your vehicle runs at optimal performance levels. Below are some ways an air filter service can benefit you and your car.

Engine Air Filter

There are two vehicle air filters – the engine and cabin. The engine air filter is a vital component of your car. It helps to increase the engine's airflow to keep it from overheating as you drive around St. Louis. It also traps debris that can damage engine parts. Unfortunately, it only takes a small amount of dirt and other contaminants to damage the engine's vital components, leading to expensive repairs.

When you bring your Acura to our St. Charles area dealership, our service center technicians can replace the engine air filter. This service will produce a more consistent engine performance and extend the life of your engine.

Cabin Air Filter

Getting a cabin air filter service at our Acura dealership near Kirkwood helps to reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens that can enter your car. In addition, when your cabin air filter gets clogged with natural debris, it can interfere with the efficiency of your car's air system. Therefore, replacing the cabin air filter is essential for enabling you to breathe clean air in your vehicle.

Do not overlook replacing your engine and cabin air filters. When you bring your vehicle to our Acura service center near Chesterfield, our technicians can replace your engine and cabin air filters. Replacing these filters will help improve your vehicle's performance and provide clean cabin air.

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