Compare: The Acura TLX

Compare the Acura TLX

Side-By-Side, In-Depth Comparison of the Acura TLX Next to the Competition

Need a little more information and a few more details before deciding on your perfect, new sedan? At St. Louis Acura, we've got the inside scoop. To help our customers from Webster Grove to Kirkwood choose the best luxury model for their needs, we've gone deeper to explore what sets the new Acura models we carry apart from the competition. Take a deeper dive with us here:

Acura TLX vs. Kia Stinger

In addition to offering a more efficient and smoother transmission than the competition, our sleek sedan also has more interior space than the Kia Stinger, keeping you and your passengers comfortable. Whether you're staying local in St. Charles or hitting the road for an extended amount of time, the Acura TLX has more room to stretch out in, with greater amounts of shoulder room and elbow room in both rows.

Plus, the Acura TLX also has more standard amenities than the Kia Stinger. Drivers who like a lot of standard features on their sedan will be excited to learn that our car comes with a standard sunroof, standard Wi-Fi capability, and standard front heated seats, none of which are standard with the Kia sedan.

Acura TLX vs. Volvo S60

Yes, the Acura TLX delivers a greater performance and higher output right out of the gate than the Volvo S60. But that's not the only area where it shines. Our sedan also has more useful cargo space and extra space for passengers than the Volvo model as well. While both have four doors, five seats, and a secure trunk for cargo, the Acura has more room all around than the Volvo S60. This means a truck that holds 13.5 cubic feet in the Acura, compared to 11 cubic feet in the Volvo, and it also means more legroom and shoulder room, especially in the front seat where you'll feel it the most.

Once again, for our customers who want a lot of standard features, the Acura TLX comes through. It has several top amenities that you won't get standard with the Volvo S60, including Wi-Fi capability, heated front seats, and adaptive cruise control.

Acura TLX vs. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Chesterfield drivers already know that the Acura TLX delivers a more robust power output, with higher levels of horsepower and torque kicking off its lineup than the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. But that's not the only area where our sedan outshines the luxury competition. For example, the Acura sedan has more high-tech safety features standard than the E-Class, including adaptive cruise control and other advanced driver's aids.

In addition to extra safety features, you'll find that the Acura TLX also beats the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in terms of interior space. It has a slightly larger trunk for your cargo, and, inside the cabin, it has extra inches of legroom and elbow room, particularly in the front seat.

Acura TLX vs. Cadillac CT5

As with other comparisons listed here, the Acura TLX also has more amenities standard than the Cadillac CT5, as mentioned previously. But elsewhere, our sleek sedan also comes out ahead of the Cadillac model in other areas as well, including standard power, where the Acura has 272 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, compared to 235 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque on the CT5.

Not only does it have more features and more power, but the Acura TLX also has greater amounts of cargo space available as well, with a secure trunk that can hold up to 13.5 cubic feet. Comparatively, the trunk of the Cadillac CT5 holds just 11.9 cubic feet.

Acura TLX vs. Audi A4

Eye-catching style and design elements that turn heads help set the Acura TLX apart from the Audi A4. But that's not all. In addition to a dynamic design, the Acura TLX also more power than the Audi A4, with two engines available for the Acura model, both of which leave the Audi A4 in the dust. Standard power for the Audi starts at 201 horsepower, with a top output of 261 horsepower. But the Acura starts with 272 horsepower and tops out with an impressive 355 horsepower.

Finally, the Acura sedan offers a ride that's more convenient and more comfortable than the Audi. In addition to a greater amount of cargo space in the trunk, the Acura also has more interior space that includes extra inches of elbow room and legroom when compared to the A4.