As St. Louis shoppers consider their options in used cars, they're bound to stumble across courtesy vehicles. These autos look brand new and have very few miles driven. Best of all, they're often eligible for exclusive savings. Thus, if you've ever wanted a new or gently used Acura, buying a courtesy vehicle could be the most economical and smart way to get it. At St. Louis Acura, we want to help drivers in St. Louis know more about what these autos are and why buying them can be so beneficial.

Courtesy Vehicles Provide First-Class Convenience for Dealership Clients

When our clients bring their autos in to have them serviced, they have the option of using one of our courtesy vehicles until their cars are returned. All of our courtesy vehicles are late-model Acuras that are streamlined for comfort and convenience. We want our clients to be just as comfortable in their borrowed cars as they are in their own automobiles. Courtesy vehicles are always retired with low miles, and the courtesy vehicles that we offer for sale are either current-year models or models from the previous year. With the added bonus of exclusive savings, retired courtesy vehicles always provide excellent value.

Get the Latest Acura Features and Amenities Without Spending a Fortune

If you're in the market for a used Acura rather than a new one, considering retired courtesy vehicles is a great way to expand your options. Deeply discounted and yet still boasting that distinctive "new car smell," courtesy vehicles represent outstanding options at truly affordable price points. With these vehicles, St. Louis shoppers won't have to pass up on the latest and most cutting-edge Acura features and amenities.

Know the Exact Service History of Your New-To-You Automobile

Courtesy vehicles are important dealership assets that are meant to handle and perform just as well as the brand new vehicles that customers are having serviced. After all, it wouldn't be a courtesy to extend these services if the related autos were unreliable and poorly maintained. All of our courtesy vehicles come with comprehensive service records.

Learn More at St. Louis Acura

When you shop for courtesy cars, you'll have access to current-year and previous-year Acura models at unbeatable prices. Drop by St. Louis Acura today to check out our inventory of courtesy vehicles or to take one on a test drive.