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Car parts are an integral part of every car to its functioning. A vehicle cannot function properly without the right parts. At Mungenast St. Louis Acura, we offer the best car parts for Acura vehicles. Our car parts are approved and have proven to be quality and reliable. Welcome to our parts center. Our experienced agents will guide you on the best parts for affordable prices. Below are some of the car parts we have at our premises.

Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system is essential for the comfort of the occupants and keeping the atmosphere serene. You need to replace your conditioning system if the air coming out is not cold even when it is working, the air coming out has a bad smell, the air conditioning keeps making a rattling sound, and if there is condensation coming out of the system. Our center offers the best parts for your vehicle that are reliable.


The braking system consists of various parts such as the brake pads, brake disks, and brake fluids, etc. You need to change your brake pads if a squealing noise when braking, a clicking sound whenever the brake pedal is pushed or released, takes time to come to a stop, or the vehicle moves one side when braking. The braking pedal vibrating when pressed is also another indicator. Make sure you visit our center to shop for the best brake parts.


The alternator is crucial as it turns mechanical energy into electricity used to power the vehicle's electrical elements, such as lighting. Your alternator needs to be replaced if the indicator on the dashboards keeps beeping, the headlights are not stable or keep flickering, or the vehicle keeps stalling or has a problem igniting. The battery dying off may indicate a bad alternator. We offer the best alternators for Acura vehicles at Mungenast St. Louis Acura.


Radiators transfer heat from engine fluids to the outside air. This has a cooling effect on the engine. It would be best if you had a new radiator when the vehicle keeps overheating, it gets discolored, the coolant levels are low, or the temperature gauge is overheating. Please get a new radiator today at our center at affordable prices.


The lighting system is essential, especially in the visibility during dark or foggy conditions. You need to change the parts of the system if the lights are not working, the lights keep flickering, the lights are always dim, or if the bulbs are not working. The lights may also fail to work if the wire connecting the system is damaged. We offer the best bulbs, lighting parts, and wires at our center.


The steering system needs to be changed if the steering keeps vibrating, slipping off when the vehicle is turned, does not turn when required, or when the vehicle keeps veering to one side of the road. We offer quality steering systems from the wheel to all other parts.


The ignition system is the one responsible for starting the vehicle and its electrical functions. Your ignition system is failing when it fails to start the vehicle; the key does not turn, the vehicle suddenly stops even when in motion, and when the starter motor does not make any noise when ignited. The dashboard lights may also indicate a failing ignition system when they keep flickering, especially when the vehicle is in motion. We offer state-of-the-art ignition systems suited for your Acura to ensure you do not experience these problems any time soon.

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Our Acura Parts Center at Mungenast St. Louis Acura offers all the above and more parts at affordable prices. Our parts are reliable and will ensure you are a satisfied driver. Contact us to learn more about new inventory and certified models.

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