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Lease a Vehicle with Our Team In St. Louis, MO

Here at St. Louis Acura, we are proud to help drivers with all of their automotive needs. That includes helping you find a vehicle that suits your needs on the road, assisting you with financing, and helping you when your vehicle needs oil changes and tire rotations. In other words, we are here to help make the purchasing process as smooth and straightforward as possible - no matter if you are visiting us from Webster Grove or Kirkwood.

However, we also know that many drivers are looking to lease a vehicle rather than purchase it. That is why we have a financing team available to assist you with that process. We can also answer any questions you may have about the benefits of leasing in particular.

Leasing vs. Buying: What's the Difference?

There are some important differences between these two purchasing plans. Whether this is your first time investing in a brand-new vehicle, or you are an experience car shopper, we will be here to answer your questions and to provide you with insight. We want you to feel comfortable and in control throughout the duration of the purchasing process.


Buying is the traditional way people purchase vehicles. If you are looking for a long-term investment option, then buying may make the most sense for you. However, buying a car can often be more expensive than leasing in a number of different ways. That's because monthly prices are often higher when you buy a vehicle. Plus, you have to get your credit checked when you are preparing to buy a car.


If you are in the market for a short-term lease, then leasing will be a more cost-effective investment option to explore. Not only is it more affordable per month, but you also don't have to have your credit checked by our team. Plus, any money you put down on your leased vehicle will help reduce your monthly costs further. So, while leased vehicles aren't a great option for those who travel extensive distances, they can be an asset for city drivers and those who are in need of a professional vehicle.

A Financing Team You Can Trust

Regardless of your personal preferences, our team can help answer any questions you may have about the purchasing process. Our financing team has years of experience, helping drivers like you with financing -- whether you are leasing, purchasing, or just considering your options. We also have a wide range of tools on our website that you can use, whether you are looking to calculate your payments or explore apply for financing online. You can also learn what your lease-end options are, helping give you an idea of what leasing a vehicle will be like, from beginning to end.

Ready To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about our selection of vehicles, or if you have any questions about the leasing and purchasing process, feel free to visit us at St. Louis Acura, located in St. Louis, MO. We know how important it is to find a quality team to work with -- especially when it comes to exploring your leasing options.

We are proud to serve drivers in St. Charles and Chesterfield, too.


  • Browse our large inventory of new Acura vehicles & check out our lease specials
  • Ask a question, schedule an appointment or set up a test drive
  • Two months before lease maturity, schedule a free vehicle inspection
  • Drop your vehicle off at the dealership and bring a new Acura home
  • Visit Acura Financial Services for a payoff quote or call 866-777-6495
  • Interested in financing your purchase? Ask about our competitive financing rates
  • Explore Mungenast St. Louis Acura's Finance Center.

  • Notify Acura Financial Services two months before lease maturity
  • Schedule a complimentary inspection through Acura Financial Services
  • Ask our Lease Termination team for lease return assistance and paperwork completion
What you will need when you return your leased Acura:
  •  All keys to leased vehicle
  •  Owner's manual
  •  Maintenance records
  •  Vehicle Return Receipt and Odometer Disclosure Statement
  •  Vehicle Inspection Report
  •  Receipts for completed repairs, if any

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