We at St. Louis Acura are glad to announce that we are adding more used Acura models to our lineup of high-quality used vehicles. We have a wide variety of models available, with low mileage and a large range of advanced technology and safety features to help ensure both your safety and the safety of your passengers whenever you go out on the road.

Top Safety Features

Ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers in St. Louis is one of the most critical aspects of the Acura vehicle design. Acura engineers have developed an extensive array of safety features that can help prevent collisions and other vehicle accidents from taking place.

One of these features is the Collision Mitigation Braking System, which is designed to warn you about potential obstacles that are detected ahead of you, giving you time to either stop the car or maneuver around them. If you don't react in time, the system can trigger the brakes automatically to stop the vehicle as quickly as possible. This feature, amongst others, are a part of AcuraWatch, and is standard on all Acura sedans and SUVs.

Protection & Peace of Mind

Driving in poor weather conditions can be a troublesome task. Fortunately, the Jewel Eye LED headlights by Acura are there to help you see through the fog and keep your eyes on the road when it's most important. With combined fog lights and auto-dimming functionality, these headlights help to keep your view sharp and in focus so that you can see what lies on the road ahead.

Contact Us to Learn More

If an Acura vehicle sounds like the right car for you, then come on down to our dealership, which is located conveniently in St. Louis. Our friendly and attentive staff will gladly help you get set up with a test drive of one of our many used Acura models so that you can get an up-close and personal look at what it's like driving an Acura.